Black urn and white pumpkin dressed with gauze for an ethereal look.

My last fall post for the year…I’ll be starting on Christmas posts next week.  Can’t wait!  I took down the Halloween decorations on my mantle and simplified with a fall theme to bring me into the Thanksgiving Holidays.

I tend to fill the visual space in a plentiful way; showing restraint is not always easy for me with regard to design.  But I started with more and played and edited the props until I got to the final, simplifed version.  It was kind of liberating to keep it as simple as it ended up.

I also included some other pictures of my outdoor decor, but I am “fallready” and ready to coast for a few weeks and then start Christmas decorating.

I hope you find some inspiration!



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  1. linda osteraa says:

    You just gave me some great ideas! I’ve been a slacker about decorating because our weather here in the Northwest has been unseasonbly warm. Keep inspiring me! -Linda

  2. so happy to hear that! I hear you, Linda. It has been unseasonable warm here as well. Thanks so much for taking the time out to give me encouragement. It ALWAYS helps. xoxo. c.

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