A stair landing that otherwise would be used for nothing other than a pass through becomes a place to get away.

When you build out every square inch of an old home, parts of the structure become architectural features.  The space under a stair way or the pitch of a roof become central to the design and the aesthetic.

My cottage is case and point.  Every space is somehow made cozier by having to work within the structure that creates these small, lovely nooks.  Or corners of respite as I like to call them.  Somewhere to tuck away and relax.

Every room in my home is small.  It is by no means palatial. Throughout the house, I have managed to squeeze in some place for one to tuck away.  To cozy up with a good book or a cup of tea  and just relax.

Fall will be here soon.  I look forward to curling up and contemplating.

I hope you find some inspiration.






The corner of a room is a great place to tuck a Victorian wicker chair recovered in painters drop cloth.


The pitch of a roof makes a great place to add a pair of sitting chairs and a comfy ottoman to put your feet on.


Shade it Off


I’m starting to look at things differently.  A $35 eBay find.  Rewired.  Didn’t have a shade on hand.  I think I like it just the way it is.  I’ll set on it a while.  Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.

I hope you find some inspiration.

All the best~


Country Living Feature

Living Room

Happy and blessed to check this bucket list item off.  Here is the link to the feature article that is in the current issue of Country Living. I hope you find some inspiration. All the best~ Cindy  

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Greatest Felicity in the Smallest of Things…

Original to the house, both door and knob are as lovely (and useful) as they were on their first day.

I am not sure if I have a low threshold for impression or take great appreciation in the smallest of things.  Hmmm….I’ll go with the latter. It occurred to me one day as I was mindlessly closing a door that there is a certain solid and substantial click of old cast iron surface mounted door locks […]

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The Un-Umbrella Stand

Two cedar planters, one smaller and one larger were used.  Purchased from Lowe's, a hole was drilled in both of them to allow them to slide down the center pole.  The larger was turned upside down, the smaller was filled with some plastic at the bottom, potting soil and flowers.  A simple pressure fit (with the help of a rubber mallet) was all that was needed to create one unit.

For once, I am ahead of schedule.  Not even out of April and my front flower beds are planted, the back yard is tidied up from the winter season and the outdoor furniture is out and I am ready to coast for the summer. The one piece of engineering I had to do was to […]

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Non Colour Colour


I was meandering through Pottery Barn a couple of weeks ago and saw a lovely looking book on their clearance table.  So lovely was the cover, I was compelled to pick it up and thumb through it. This kitchen was featured on the inside cover and later in the book.  It sold me. I bought […]

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The Tale of the White Cotton Twill Tape

Simple shades for a few dollars form Lowes, simply covered with the twill tape and tied off.

A lifesaver indeed.  I had four lampshades that needed to be replaced.  Two were for some vintage boudoir lamps and two were for a pair of wall sconces.  All four were in both my bathrooms.  I wanted something refreshed, not precious. I looked online, but finding neutral shades in the right scale at the right […]

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The Simple, Intimate New Year’s Eve

Prosecco in non traditional goblets that are less formal than champagne flutes.

Here’s to the bright New Year And a fond farewell to the old; Here’s to the things that are yet to come And to the memories that we hold. With a few rare examples, life should be easy.  New Year’s Eve is no exception.  I envision an intimate setting with Champagne (or Prosecco as a […]

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(Holiday) Guest Amenities

A simple lunch sack folded over, left plain or using holiday stamps and embellishments as I have done.

I am always looking for simple ways to make guest feel special, but simplicity is a must.  In my holiday guest room this year, I have a quilt fold that yields a special surprise and an amenities kit using a simple lunch sack.  Both can be easily done on the fly, without too much effort. […]

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Holiday Birch Logs with German Glass Glitter

The additions of scented pine cones.

My house is by no means opulent, but every now and again, I can’t resist a little sparkle when the holidays arrive.  While spending some time with family in Dahlonega, Georgia in October, my cousin helped me find the perfect birch tree on my uncle’s property to harvest for this project.  It had been broken off by […]

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