A Lesson in Renovation Mathematics & Updates

I had about sixteen feet of unused attic space.  Part of that space is allocated for the HVAC unit.  That would leave about ten feet where I was just going to throw down some plywood and use as attic storage.  Then I had this thought, since we are doing all this other work, why not just build out the space?  It wasn’t structural, so (I thought) why not just add the insulation, some electrical, sheetrock and bippity boppity boo…I have additional square footage.  How much more money could it be?

Fast forward…things are not that simple.  Some engineering is required, the electrical is a bit more complicated, add duct work and we’ll need some additional hardwood flooring.  So my incredible contractor (who really is a great guy) got the numbers together and to build out this additional 120 square feet, it will come to about 45 per square foot.  But it would appraise much higher per square foot handing over some instant equity.

We had some windfall monies from parts of the renovation that we over budgeted, so those monies will fund the build out of the 120 square feet of attic space, keeping us within budget.

Bippity Boppity Boo is right.

Updated pictures from the progress from this week.

I hope you find some inspiration.



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