Homekeeping and Organization with Vintage Wireware

Vintage Wire Basket holding dish towels.

Vintage Wireware.  Just as functional today as it was many years ago.  But considered much more lovely by those of us who appreciate their considerable charm.  Usefulness and beauty.  You really can’t ask for anything more.

I hope you find some inspiration.



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  1. I think we might just adore the same stuff – in fact, you’ll probably see some of these highlighted items in some shots from around our cottage too. I love how you’ve displayed so many of yours! happy organizing!!

    • you are awesome to take the time and leave such a sweet comment. Cottage lovers are very special people! I looked at your blog quickly. I’ll spend more time on it this evening, but you have such a great talent for organization, but also a knack for the instructional…love the arrow:) Keep doing what you are doing…we need it.

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