Candy Cane Sidewalk Lanterns


Eternally Christmas.

I can never have enough twinkling light.  Period. End of story.  These Candy Cane lanterns were fun and fairly easy.  With some modification, they would be a great addition to summer outdoor decor, too.

Here is what we used:

The key to this festive project is two fold: these particular shepherds hooks were essential because of their shape, reminiscent of a candy cane and secondly, the battery operated votives with the timer option.  Since the mason jars are lidded to protect the contents from the weather, it is important to have a way for the candles to turn on/off automatically.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Battery Operated Votives with remote control and timer option.

Assembling the lanterns.

Mica flakes added.

Hand Made Annealed Wire Harness for a rustic touch and Jar Lids

Assembled and ready to go.

Painted red, remeniscent of a Candy Cane.

Lighting the pathway in succession.


This project would not have been possible without the help and support of our sponsors.  Thank them by stopping by.  Merry Christmas.





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