Antique Find: Belgian Soda Bottles Repurposed

Blandin Vintage Bottles.

A three day weekend just isn’t a three day weekend if I don’t go antiquing.  A great find this weekend would have to be these vintage Belgian Soda Bottles found at a wonderful shop in downtown McKinney, Patina Green Home & Market.  A little Internet mining shows these Blandin Brand bottles are about 50 years old.  They just have a great look and feel to them and the minute I saw them, I knew that I was going to add bottle top dispensers and use them for holding olive and other oils that I grab for cooking.  Within the hour I had them washed and ready to go and really, I couldn’t be happier.

The picture above, is actually a grab from Napa Style.  They sold them at one point, although they are no longer available from that site…it is nice to see great style fits in anywhere.  Vintage soda bottles of all shapes, sizes and designs can be found readily on the Internet and the stopper/dispenser can also be found using the search term “bottle stopper dispenser.”

As a foot note to this article, I now want to change over other items, such as vinegars into these vintage bottles.  Doing a search for “vintage mineral water bottles” or “vintage spring water bottles” also yields an interesting selection of bottles.  Good luck!

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Antique Belgian Soda Bottles Repurposed.

Embossed "Blandin" Brand.


  1. I have a thing for bottles of all shapes and sizes, and especially antique ones. There’s a classic elegance to them — the more humble of all things utile, but so aesthetically beautiful. And when you combine their simple beauty with a dose of creativity in re-purposing they really come alive as arts d’objets. Thanks for bringing these to our attention. Hopefully many more of us will think up ways to bring bottles into our decor.

    • I completely agree. I found a couple of more with a really great dealer that I know. There is just such an elegance about the profile and shape of vintage bottles. At the risk of sound like an old fogey…they just don’t make them like that anymore. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. A friend of mine knows I love antiques and just gave me 6 of these identical bottles for my birthday.
    She found them in Amsterdam at an antique store. Are they worth anything other than their classic look?

    • I don’t think they have much worth besides their esthetic value. I love them, though. I bought several of them from a dealer in my town and am glad to have them because I can’t find them anywhere else. Great shape and vintage look. Thank you for stopping by the blog. I really appreciate it. All the best~


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