Candy Cane Sidewalk Lanterns


Eternally Christmas.

I can never have enough twinkling light.  Period. End of story.  These Candy Cane lanterns were fun and fairly easy.  With some modification, they would be a great addition to summer outdoor decor, too.

Here is what we used:

The key to this festive project is two fold: these particular shepherds hooks were essential because of their shape, reminiscent of a candy cane and secondly, the battery operated votives with the timer option.  Since the mason jars are lidded to protect the contents from the weather, it is important to have a way for the candles to turn on/off automatically.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Battery Operated Votives with remote control and timer option.

Assembling the lanterns.

Mica flakes added.

Hand Made Annealed Wire Harness for a rustic touch and Jar Lids

Assembled and ready to go.

Painted red, remeniscent of a Candy Cane.

Lighting the pathway in succession.


This project would not have been possible without the help and support of our sponsors.  Thank them by stopping by.  Merry Christmas.





Floating Holiday Centerpiece

A recurring theme in my blog is always about making things easier.  Around the holidays, I try to work with what I have so I got the idea to hang mercury glass ornaments of varying sizes from my dining room chandelier with vintage seam binding.  Cut at different lengths, the vintage seam binding helps hold the ornaments at different heights and gives the “floating” centerpiece great visual interest.

The light itself is an oversized single burlap drum shade from Potter Barn.  It has this great fabric ledge on the inside that turned out to be a great place to tuck twinkling string lights that show through the burlap to give this great softened twinkling holiday light effect.  To make this happen, I found a screw in lightbulb socket with a plug and just screwed it into the extisting bulb socket, added the normal lightbulb and plugged in the twinkle lights.

The result is this great floating centerpiece with a soft, holiday lighting effect.  A simple project that has maximum impact to the entire room.

I hope you find some inspirtation for your house for the holidays!




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German Glass Glitter and Mercury Ornaments.

Pretty Twinkling Lights tucked on the fabric ledge.

Lightbulb Socket found at any home store.