The Physicality of the Space

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The physical feel of each room is starting to take shape.  This is meaningful because we are working with the existing foot print to carve out additional rooms; not by adding square footage to the foot print.

You can look at scaled drawings and imagine it in your mind, but neither of those things give you a real sense of the space.  Walls are going up, windows are being added and storage is being built in and all of these thing are starting to help me understand the physicality of each room.

It’s fair to say, this will be a cozy cottage with small but well appointed rooms.  Every room is getting a closet, plus some additional built in storage squired away because I am losing my garage for storage and I have to make up for it somewhere else.

Nothing illustrates this more than the master suite.  We have a bedroom, sitting area, bathroom, dressing area, closet and some generic storage.

Since the master area occupies the entire second story, it will become a true retreat.  I made the decision to build out an additional 120 square feet, the question becomes what is the best way to use the space.  They did some additional framing, but before we can do more, I need to decide what the configuration should be.  With some guidance from my contractor, I have settled on using it for closet space, storage space and a dressing area.  Picture and diagram below.  Other framing updates follow.

I hope you find some inspiration.






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