My First Giveaway!

Update: Winner to be announced Monday, November 5th!

As a post blog article note, many people are using the “like” button posted above this article in order to be eligible for the giveaway.  The like button on this page only applies to this article, not the blog fb page.  In order to be submitted for the giveaway, please click on the Facebook icon above, which will take you to The Leaning Cottage fb page where you can hit the like button that is associated with the page.  Thank you for your patience in allowing me to clarify!

I see Giveaways on other blogs all the time, so it would seem it is time to have one of my own.  The giveaway period ends on October 31, 2012.  There are two ways to win: add yourself to my subscriber list and confirm (subscription request is on the right hand side of the screen, in the sidebar) and/or “like” my page on Facebook.  Current subscribers and current friends on The Leaning Cottage page on Facebook are automatically entered.  You’ll get one entry for a subscription to the blog and one entry for liking my blog page on Facebook which means you can have up to two chances to win.

What will you win?  You will win the following spice rack, which includes a handmade wood shelf, 24 spice jars with custom labels, two large and two small vintage style amber lab jars for extracts, also with labels and a pair of vintage Kerr Jelly Jars for salt/pepper storage.  The giveaway does  not include jar contents such as spices and extracts.  You supply those:)

The Leaning Cottage Giveaway

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Spicing It Up With Old and New Lab Jars


Lovely kraft paper labels to add some vintage style.

I used to store my spices in small round tins with vintage labels.  That worked for a while, but at some point I decided I wanted glass jars.  Searching high and low in the Internet, I finally found the ones I wanted at a lab supply warehouse.  As I was jumping around their website, I came across amber etched stopper bottles and decided they would be great as vessels to hold and preserve my extracts.

Using a mixture of old apothecary jars, vintage squat jelly jars, new amber jars, larger tins and clear, straight sided jars, I was able to store each kind of item conveniently along with adding visual interest that variety brings.

I built the shelves for these items to fit the space.  The spice shelf was built to be inset in a window that is permanently sealed shut that is in exactly the right spot to be able to grab and go anywhere in the kitchen.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Old and new jars to hold each kind of item.

Inset in a sealed window that is easy to display and convenient to access.


Old apothecary jars to hold larger quantities.

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