The Winter Solstice


Always wishing for a White Christmas and a Winter Wonderland.

I have posted several different projects and vignettes of our Christmas house for the 2012 season.  Haven’t posted a full view, mostly because getting the right shot at the right time of day is not as easy as it may sound.  Particularly for me, since I am not much more than an amateur’s amateur when it comes to photography.

Having taken hundreds of pictures, in four or five different sessions, I finally had to just pick one, darn it.

I want to single out and thank Brian Washburn, Manager of the local Lowe’s and Vince Maggio, local designer, merchandiser and antique dealer extraordinaire for their help.  Each and every Christmas blog article was offered in earnest and has hopefully given you even the smallest bit of inspiration to do something extraordinary for your family and friends, in your lovely home.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Winter Wonderland.

Pretty lit garland remeniscent of a steeple.

Making good use of what nature leaves behind: lit bare hydrangea bushes.

Winter’s bare garden with some holiday twinkle.

These are our sponsors and they have made all of this creativity possible.  Thank them by stopping by.  Merry Christmas.