Spicing It Up With Old and New Lab Jars


Lovely kraft paper labels to add some vintage style.

I used to store my spices in small round tins with vintage labels.  That worked for a while, but at some point I decided I wanted glass jars.  Searching high and low in the Internet, I finally found the ones I wanted at a lab supply warehouse.  As I was jumping around their website, I came across amber etched stopper bottles and decided they would be great as vessels to hold and preserve my extracts.

Using a mixture of old apothecary jars, vintage squat jelly jars, new amber jars, larger tins and clear, straight sided jars, I was able to store each kind of item conveniently along with adding visual interest that variety brings.

I built the shelves for these items to fit the space.  The spice shelf was built to be inset in a window that is permanently sealed shut that is in exactly the right spot to be able to grab and go anywhere in the kitchen.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Old and new jars to hold each kind of item.

Inset in a sealed window that is easy to display and convenient to access.


Old apothecary jars to hold larger quantities.

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