Renovation Taking Shape

Progress is satisfying. Every visit to the house yields something on the punch list complete. Framing is 95% completed.  Plumbing is complete and electrical was being worked on this weekend and should be complete.  Once these three things are done, all three will need inspections from the city. Once inspections are completed, then onto insulation and then we can begin closing the walls and trim work.

The exterior of the house is being closed in as well.  I am hoping that we’ll be able to paint the exteriors at some point soon.  Although I haven’t picked the colors, I am shooting for a grey exterior with bright white trim.  But that is getting ahead.  Let’s stick to the inside.

A variety of pictures to show this week’s progress.

I hope your find some inspiration.



2015-02-14_15-55-24 2015-02-14_15-57-54 2015-02-14_15-59-01 2015-02-15_5-05-34 2015-02-15_5-14-04 2015-02-15_5-16-26 Presentation1

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