(Holiday) Guest Amenities

A simple lunch sack folded over, left plain or using holiday stamps and embellishments as I have done.

I am always looking for simple ways to make guest feel special, but simplicity is a must.  In my holiday guest room this year, I have a quilt fold that yields a special surprise and an amenities kit using a simple lunch sack.  Both can be easily done on the fly, without too much effort. […]

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Holiday Birch Logs with German Glass Glitter

The additions of scented pine cones.

My house is by no means opulent, but every now and again, I can’t resist a little sparkle when the holidays arrive.  While spending some time with family in Dahlonega, Georgia in October, my cousin helped me find the perfect birch tree on my uncle’s property to harvest for this project.  It had been broken off by […]

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Quick Christmas Candle Lantern

Leftover wrapping paper from last year, a simple ribbon and some live mistletoe.

I love burning candles.  Especially at Christmas.  I needed a quick way to make a plain looking candle fit in with the festive décor.  I just grabbed what I had at hand to make a simple paper sleeve for candles around the home.  I was partly inspired by the live mistletoe that I bought from […]

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Because Christmas is here again…

Etched footed bowls found on walmart.com

All my decorating is done.  I started earlier than normal this year and now that I am done, it mostly means I can coast for the rest of the year and devote my weekends to baking.  Indeed. Here are a few snippets of the inside of the house.  You may notice there aren’t a lot […]

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The Pumpkin Conundrum…

Fall pumpkins, stacked and tucked with moss, followed by a Christmas garland presented in an old cast iron urn.  It's one way to transition from fall to Christmas, using what you already have.

  Out with Halloween naturals and in with Christmas décor.   The leftover green pumpkins were too pretty not to find a way to use for the Christmas Holiday, so I created this transitional arrangement to greet friends and family.  It could easily adorn a kitchen island or fireplace mantle, too. I hope you find some inspiration. Always, […]

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Jingle All the Way…

Red Velvet Ribbon, vintage bells and craft store millinery make a fine welcome.

Time is clicking by and it’s time to get decorating for Christmas. This year is special because it is post renovation and I’m really excited to decorate.  Roughly this  time last year, my stress level was off the charts because I was packing up and temporarily relocating.  So glad that is behind me. I am sincerely happy to be […]

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The Autumnal Porch

A fall arrangement in a galvanized tub that I purchased at Round Top.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything not related to the renovation.  I am still settling into the house and figuring out how I want to live within my walls.  I have a ton of pictures, but I have to show some restraint in sharing them because there has been some interest in […]

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A House into a Home…


This has been a busy two months.  Moving into an unfinished house with construction dust was not what I envisioned at the end of the renovation, even though it’s still not done yet. To say it has been stressful would be an understatement.  Slowly but surely, I am digging out of it.  Sometimes with the […]

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Little Snippets

An inexpensive wrought iron base, Carrera marble remnant and a simple bowl sink.  White is the backdrop, but I have added splashes of vintage green by way of the vintage Jadeite towel bar and old farm mirrors with their original green finish.

Wow.  The last six weeks have been overwhelming.  Finishing the renovation (it’s still not complete yet…but a small list of items to finish), staying in a hotel with my parents and two dogs, trying to unpack boxes and make the house more about living and less about chaos and finally, laying my head on a […]

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The One Minute Mile

This wall/door didn't exist before the renovation, but you would never know that.  It looks like it is original to the house.

  Big things happen in little minutes and that just about describes what will happen in the next 5 days.  Floors, cabinets, tiling, plumbing finishing, electrical finishing and painting.  And that’s just the inside.  The rain has hampered working on the outside but it makes  no difference to me.  I just want to sleep in […]

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