A stair landing that otherwise would be used for nothing other than a pass through becomes a place to get away.

When you build out every square inch of an old home, parts of the structure become architectural features.  The space under a stair way or the pitch of a roof become central to the design and the aesthetic.

My cottage is case and point.  Every space is somehow made cozier by having to work within the structure that creates these small, lovely nooks.  Or corners of respite as I like to call them.  Somewhere to tuck away and relax.

Every room in my home is small.  It is by no means palatial. Throughout the house, I have managed to squeeze in some place for one to tuck away.  To cozy up with a good book or a cup of tea  and just relax.

Fall will be here soon.  I look forward to curling up and contemplating.

I hope you find some inspiration.






The corner of a room is a great place to tuck a Victorian wicker chair recovered in painters drop cloth.


The pitch of a roof makes a great place to add a pair of sitting chairs and a comfy ottoman to put your feet on.


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