Antique Find: The Champagne Bucket

Prosecco in ice. How nice.

Country or cottage living is inherently romantic.  It isn’t just a design style, but for many of us it is a way of living.

I was visiting my friend, Judy Jonker, who was having a yard sale.  Now her yard sales aren’t like most yard sales.  She is a creative spirit who also loves all things old.  So she had some really special pieces.  When she isn’t having yard sales, she shows at Fringe, The Event, which is a monthly antique and vintage show here in McKinney.

I spied a vintage blue bowl on a table;  liked it, but moved on.  Then I turned around and about 20 feet away from me was an old, white, chippy plant stand.  The second I saw it, I had this instant thought that the enamel bowl I had just seen would fit perfectly in the plant stand, if I turned the plant stand upside down.

So I grabbed the bowl, turned the plant stand over and voila…it was a perfect fit.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it…but I knew I loved it.

I brought it home and decided on putting it in my newly re-designed dining room as a lovely little wine or champagne bucket.  (As a foot note, the dining room redesign reveal will be featured in this blog very soon)

And so it goes…a romantic touch for a romantic girl.



Old plant stand, new life.

Time worn and lovely.

Vintage enamel bowl in an old plant stand.



  1. Perfect, of course, and as always! My mother did the same thing by combining a roadside/throwaway plant stand and her father’s old ceramic wash basin to create a lovely planter for a sunny window in her kitchen. She repainted her stand, but I like the natural, rustic finish for your beautiful abode. Kudos!

    P.S. — Have you ever considered hanging sections of intricate antique fencing on the walls? It would match that look so well.

    • Cynthia says:

      thank you! I love the idea of using a ceramic basin! I have a couple of ironstone bowls and I am sitting here wondering if they will fit. I could kind of see them full of lavender in a bathroom or full of vintage Shiney Brite Christmas balls during the holidays, or fill it with cinnamon orange pomme d’ambre! See now you got me thinking of all the things I can do:) Fence sections…yes I would do that if I came across some nice chippy fence sections. It would look great. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your idea. great stuff!

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