A Repurposed Life…

A repurposed life...

A repurposed life…


There was a time when we didn’t all live such throwaway lives.  People had to make do and reuse in a really thoughtful, useful way out of necessity rather than choice.  I think this project is an homage to that kind of frugality.

I had a pair of inexpensive pot holders that were well past their shelf life.  Stained, busted and disgusted…I needed a new pair.  It would have been easy enough to go buy them, but I have been hankering for ways to use the many scraps of vintage fabric I have and this seemed like a simple enough project that wouldn’t require too much time or effort.

The short of it is that I trimmed the old pot holders down into squares and essentially made slipcovers using scraps from a vintage grain sack.

Photos below.

I hope you find some inspiration.



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