A light along Winter’s path…

The Midnight Rider.

With a twinkle in our eye, we set out to make lanterns to light the way to welcome one and all this holiday season.

Using vintage mason jars as a starting point, we created these maintenance free lanterns for Christmas.  Using inexpensive battery operated candles with timers, we fashioned a holder out of polymer clay to keep the candle in place and up right and tossed in mica at the bottom as snow.  These cozy lanterns become a beacon on a cold winter’s night for friends and family.

Lighting the way home.

It’s really very simple.  Here is what you need:

  1. Large, half gallon Mason Jar (best prices are online)
  2. Battery operated candles, with timer from at Lowe’s (click here)
  3. Mica Flakes
  4. Polymer Clay
  5. Hobby Store Glue Dots

Polymer Clay shaped, baked as a holder to stabalize the candle and hold it upright. Then secured with glue dots to the bottom of the mason jar:

Polymer Clay fashioned into a stabalizer/holder for the candle.

Remove the factory holder from the candle (candle is too tall for jar, otherwise):

Factory candle holder easily removes.

Insert the candle into the polymer clay that you just secured to the bottom of the mason jar:

Secure polymer clay to bottom of jar with glue dots.

Add mica flakes as snow:

Add mica flakes for snow.


Light a walkway, or as we did…place in multiples on the porch rail.

These projects were made possible with the support of my sponsors.  Please give them a visit.


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