Sparkly, White Snow for Christmas

White Christmas.

Peppermints covered in snow.

Fresh Snow.

Nature’s red, green and white.

Twinkle in the night.

and to all, a good night…

and to all, a good night…

It’s the little touches at Christmas…


My wonderful friend, Pat, sent me these pictures of her amazing Christmas creations.  Two things inspired me when I looked at the pictures.  The first thing would be the utter simplicity of each arrangement.  There isn’t an item she used that most of us can’t reach into a holiday storage box or cabinet and grab: a tray or flea market vase; random ornaments, candles, decorative candle holders, etc.  The addition of simple greens fills in the negative spaces and completes the look.  The greens can be boxwood cut from a common yard hedge or a quick grab from the floral stand at any grocery store.

The second thing I love is the “V” tag.  It is such a personal and easy touch and can be designed and printed from any computer program.

With only a day or two before the holiday, here is a simple way to beautify any table top in your home.

Thanks, Pat!

I hope you find some inspiration.


A simple decoration.

Holiday Splendor.


The Winter Solstice


Always wishing for a White Christmas and a Winter Wonderland.

I have posted several different projects and vignettes of our Christmas house for the 2012 season.  Haven’t posted a full view, mostly because getting the right shot at the right time of day is not as easy as it may sound.  Particularly for me, since I am not much more than an amateur’s amateur when it comes to photography.

Having taken hundreds of pictures, in four or five different sessions, I finally had to just pick one, darn it.

I want to single out and thank Brian Washburn, Manager of the local Lowe’s and Vince Maggio, local designer, merchandiser and antique dealer extraordinaire for their help.  Each and every Christmas blog article was offered in earnest and has hopefully given you even the smallest bit of inspiration to do something extraordinary for your family and friends, in your lovely home.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Winter Wonderland.

Pretty lit garland remeniscent of a steeple.

Making good use of what nature leaves behind: lit bare hydrangea bushes.

Winter’s bare garden with some holiday twinkle.

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Pleasant Christmas Surprises…

An Old Fashioned Christmas.

What a pleasant surprise for neighborhood kidlets, visitors and maybe even the mail man if he dares!

Using an antique Victorian wire plant stand, we lined it with white burlap and added a festive red ribbon and filled it with peppermint treats.  It was placed right by the door on the old front porch and welcomes one and all.

It is an easy idea that can be accomplished with almost any vintage container and ends up being such a sweet, unexpected gift for everyone.

I hope you find some inspiration.



A Merry Welcome Threshold.

A Sweet Holiday Treat.

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Candy Cane Sidewalk Lanterns


Eternally Christmas.

I can never have enough twinkling light.  Period. End of story.  These Candy Cane lanterns were fun and fairly easy.  With some modification, they would be a great addition to summer outdoor decor, too.

Here is what we used:

The key to this festive project is two fold: these particular shepherds hooks were essential because of their shape, reminiscent of a candy cane and secondly, the battery operated votives with the timer option.  Since the mason jars are lidded to protect the contents from the weather, it is important to have a way for the candles to turn on/off automatically.

I hope you find some inspiration.



Battery Operated Votives with remote control and timer option.

Assembling the lanterns.

Mica flakes added.

Hand Made Annealed Wire Harness for a rustic touch and Jar Lids

Assembled and ready to go.

Painted red, remeniscent of a Candy Cane.

Lighting the pathway in succession.


This project would not have been possible without the help and support of our sponsors.  Thank them by stopping by.  Merry Christmas.





A light along Winter’s path…

The Midnight Rider.

With a twinkle in our eye, we set out to make lanterns to light the way to welcome one and all this holiday season.

Using vintage mason jars as a starting point, we created these maintenance free lanterns for Christmas.  Using inexpensive battery operated candles with timers, we fashioned a holder out of polymer clay to keep the candle in place and up right and tossed in mica at the bottom as snow.  These cozy lanterns become a beacon on a cold winter’s night for friends and family.

Lighting the way home.

It’s really very simple.  Here is what you need:

  1. Large, half gallon Mason Jar (best prices are online)
  2. Battery operated candles, with timer from at Lowe’s (click here)
  3. Mica Flakes
  4. Polymer Clay
  5. Hobby Store Glue Dots

Polymer Clay shaped, baked as a holder to stabalize the candle and hold it upright. Then secured with glue dots to the bottom of the mason jar:

Polymer Clay fashioned into a stabalizer/holder for the candle.

Remove the factory holder from the candle (candle is too tall for jar, otherwise):

Factory candle holder easily removes.

Insert the candle into the polymer clay that you just secured to the bottom of the mason jar:

Secure polymer clay to bottom of jar with glue dots.

Add mica flakes as snow:

Add mica flakes for snow.


Light a walkway, or as we did…place in multiples on the porch rail.

These projects were made possible with the support of my sponsors.  Please give them a visit.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

Winter’s Blanket.

Do you think it is possible to have a Winter Wonderland without snow?  I hope so.  Christmas this year is a Winter Wonderland with simple touches.

Let’s start with outdoor seating.  On a limited budget, working with what he had on hand, designer, Vince Maggio made the simple decision to move my summer wicker seating from the porch to the the front lawn.  The crisp white is the perfect foil for the abundant greens and reds we used for the decor.

Seating group, vintage side table painted shiny red for contrast, vintage water can with fresh holiday greens and a sparkly ribbon were the starting points.  We then took an odd urn, added a small table top tree from Lowe’s (at a meager $12.50) randomly adding fresh winter red pepper berries (artificial natural decor works just as well) and a vintage camp blanket along with a  french grain sack pillow completes the picture.

Take a seat. Any time. Enjoy friends, family and neighbors.  Cold weather or mild temperatures…gathering together will keep you warm.

I hope you find some inspiration.

Merry Christmas.


Decorated or Unadorned…appreciate the simplicity.

Add fresh pepper berries and it’s not too fussy.

An invitation to relax and enjoy the day.

A blanket for warmth, surrounded by loads of vintage and the natural.

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These are a few of my favorite things…


Indeed. A happy Christmas.

Antiques. Holiday Cheer. Christmas Decorations.  Old Houses. Sweater Weather. Home Made Cookies. Festive Christmas Punch.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Put them all together and I had a really sweet weekend last week with my good friend, Vince from GOOD LOOK, Inc.

I live in a really good walkabout neighborhood with some really great neighbors.  Even the passing through strangers are nice.

I decided to have a little antique show at my house to bring attention to our little Christmas Cottage and it was great fun.  Once all the preparations were done (which really tuckered me out), Vince and I just sat ourselves on the wicker furniture and enjoyed the great company, beautiful weather and festive mood.

Vince is closing his antique store in order to move closer to McKinney, so he had his pieces beautifully arranged and it was FUN!

Here are some pics of his vintage and antique wares.  Tomorrow, I will start posting our Christmas projects for some inspiration.

As an FYI, Vince will be in his current location for another week, until the 15th.  Great deals to be had…but they are going quick.  See him on Facebook: GOOD LOOK, Inc.



Open is just another way of saying “Welcome.”

Tuck in a little Christmas Wreath.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Zinc Bucket…this great piece went to a couple who have a Farmhouse in Melissa.

Vintage Abundance.