The Christmas Haus


The Christmas Porch

Pictures from Christmas past at the little white cottage.

I hope you find some inspiration.




A Chippy Christmas Urn.

A Vintage Watering Can dressed up for Christmas

Fresh Christmas Arrangement

Pepperberries and Fresh Christmas Greens

Home Made German Glass Glitter Santa Boot with dried Hydrangeas

The Attic Faux Fireplace

The Attic Bedroom.

Winter Quilts.

Ironstone Bowls full of Christmas.

The Sitting Room.

The Guest Room at Christmas

The Christmas Headboard.


Floating Holiday Centerpiece

A recurring theme in my blog is always about making things easier.  Around the holidays, I try to work with what I have so I got the idea to hang mercury glass ornaments of varying sizes from my dining room chandelier with vintage seam binding.  Cut at different lengths, the vintage seam binding helps hold the ornaments at different heights and gives the “floating” centerpiece great visual interest.

The light itself is an oversized single burlap drum shade from Potter Barn.  It has this great fabric ledge on the inside that turned out to be a great place to tuck twinkling string lights that show through the burlap to give this great softened twinkling holiday light effect.  To make this happen, I found a screw in lightbulb socket with a plug and just screwed it into the extisting bulb socket, added the normal lightbulb and plugged in the twinkle lights.

The result is this great floating centerpiece with a soft, holiday lighting effect.  A simple project that has maximum impact to the entire room.

I hope you find some inspirtation for your house for the holidays!




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German Glass Glitter and Mercury Ornaments.

Pretty Twinkling Lights tucked on the fabric ledge.

Lightbulb Socket found at any home store.

My All Time Favorite Christmas Issue


A Scenic Winter View.


Country Living HOLIDAYS 2002.  I have read that issue literally hundreds of times and in ten years,  it continues to resonate with me, not just during the holidays, but all year long.  One particular article about a family who lived in a small barn as their main house was being re-built after a fire is the one that caught my eye.

The barn had been decorated to have all the comforts of home while the family was temporarily displaced.  I loved the worn surfaces and the light palette.  I was drawn to the antique pieces that had a European feel to them.  I admire the the utter simplicity. As a result, I have spent the last 9 years trying to emulate that style in my own little cottage.

Since this was a holiday issue, the lodging has been decorated in a really restrained way for Christmas, but feels no less festive than the most decorated homes.  As the holidays have come and gone, I find myself trying to do more with less.  Having an appreciation for simplicity and the reduction in stress that goes along with it.

Thanks for stopping by for my first Christmas post.  I hope you find some inspiration.



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My All Time Favorite Issue.

The Winter Barn.


The Cozy Cottage Kitchen.

Where we gather.


The Well Appointed Couch.

Lovely Old Doors.

White Painted Plank Walls.

Dormers and Angles Make Cozy Nooks.



Black urn and white pumpkin dressed with gauze for an ethereal look.

My last fall post for the year…I’ll be starting on Christmas posts next week.  Can’t wait!  I took down the Halloween decorations on my mantle and simplified with a fall theme to bring me into the Thanksgiving Holidays.

I tend to fill the visual space in a plentiful way; showing restraint is not always easy for me with regard to design.  But I started with more and played and edited the props until I got to the final, simplifed version.  It was kind of liberating to keep it as simple as it ended up.

I also included some other pictures of my outdoor decor, but I am “fallready” and ready to coast for a few weeks and then start Christmas decorating.

I hope you find some inspiration!



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My First Giveaway!

Update: Winner to be announced Monday, November 5th!

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The Leaning Cottage Giveaway

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